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All Products Handcrafted in the USA

Women's Accessories Made From Your Own Gameskin Leather

#WB-312 Leather Inlayed iPhone Case

Your game skin is inlaid on the back of a hard iPhone case of your choice, black or white. Please specify your exact iPhone model and series, i.e. iPhone 6 s Plus, etc. We provide the case. (Other brand phone cases can be made if there is an existing hard case that fits them already.)

Price: $115.00

#WB-313 Fully Molded iPhone Case

Your game skin is fully molded around a hard iPhone case, either black or white. Please specify your exact iPhone model and series, i.e. iPhone 6 S Plus, etc. We provide the case. (Other brand phone cases can be made if there is an existing hard case that fits them already.)

Price: $175.00

#WB-314 iPhone Card Case

The iPhone Card Case provides the ultimate protection for your cell phone with a fold over flap and magnetic closure. Please provide us with your exact mobile phone model and number when ordering. (Other brand phone cases can be made if there is an existing hard case that fits them already.)

Price: $450.00

#WB-311 Leather Covered Switch Plate Covers

These custom leather covered light switch covers are guaranteed to start interesting conversations.

Price: $105.00

#WB-310 Leather Covered Outlet Covers

Spread a little of your trophy leather around your home with custom leather covered outlet covers.

Price: $105.00

#WB-310 Cuff Bracelet

Available in 1/2, 3/4, 1-1/4 and 2 inch widths. Mix and match sizes and/or colors. Please specify width and colors.

Price: $90.00

#WB-312 Double Wrap Bracelet

When worn the Double Wrap Bracelet is 1-1/2" wide. Fastens with strong metal magnetic closure.

Price: $90.00

#WB-317 Batwing Conceal & Carry Holster

We know, there are literally hundreds of conceal and carry holsters on the market but we liked this design so well we are offering it to our customers. It is incredibly simple, low profile and will easily accommodate any weapon from a small frame hammerless .38 to a monster .45 auto. And it can be made with your own game skin.

Price: $90.00

#WB-21 Lady's Cosmetics Bag

A lady from North Carolina asked us make her a couple cosmetics bags from elephant scrap, one large, (WB-21, 7-3/4" long x 4-12" tall), and one a bit smaller (WB-22, 6" long x 4-1/8" tall for her smaller purse). Lined of course with a simple zip top closure. Clean, simple lines but functional.Soon after she had placed her own order for one of each she called back to request that we make two more of each so she could gift one in each size to her best friend.

Price: $215.00 for WB-21
$198.00 for WB-22

#WB-23 Large Ladies Cosmetics & Toiletry Travel Kit

When the lady is traveling, she never wants to leave any of her valued cosmetics or toiletries behind so we designed a larger travel kit to accommodate her and help organize the trip. Measuring 12” long x 7-1/2” wide and 10-1/2” high, the Large Ladies Cosmetics & Toiletry Travel Kit will hold a lot of costmetics... even the extra large 12” tall can of hair spray! Simple top zipper, fully lined, with dual top handles and outside end grab loop.

Price: $285.00

#WB-E1 Lady's Compact Mirror With Envelope

Here again an idea from the lady from North Carolina! She requested a lady's compact mirror that could be carried in her purse. Protected so it wouldn't break but small enough so as not to take up too much room in her "busy" purse. We went to work on it and she ordered several
of them for herself and as gifts to friends. The mirror measures 2-3/4" wide x 1--3/4" tall. The envelope is 4-3/4" long x 3-1/4" tall. Samples above all made from various colored elephant scrap.

Price: $150.00

#WB-213 Travel Valise

Every once in a while a customer will call and request something that we have never made covering a custom made white cedar garbage can “holder” lid in the customer’s alligator...or a rug made from five or six animal backskins. Sometimes we have to inform the customer that we wouldn’t feel comfortable cutting into their skins to try to make a requested item. But most of the time when we tackle new the wall things...that we are confident of good outcomes, the results have been spectacular.

About four months ago a gentleman from Texas inquired if it would be possible for us to make a copy of a very expensive bag, made under the name of a famous upscale fashion designer. He sent me a photo. I looked up the item on the internet. My, my, the designer is proud of his bag! He only wanted $24,000 for it. It was a small, men’s alligator travel valise measuring 20” long x 12” high x 10” wide.

That seemed simple enough. However our new "customer-to-be" didn’t have his own alligator hides so I sourced two large, black glazed alligator hides. That set the man back $2,899.00 right off the bat. Then we had to make the bag. When it came time to ship the bag to the customer I tallied up what we would have to have for the bag including skins, labor, shipping, etc. It came to $4,621.80! (Almost to the dollar as per the estimate that the customer had approved). A far cry from the original at $24,000! The original is made overseas. The craftsman must really be proud of his work too....or just maybe the US designer is sticking it to the public.

If you have a couple large alligator skins in the 9 foot range, we would be more than happy to make the “Oh Wow! $24,000 bag” for you for only $1,475 including shipping.

Before getting off subject, consider this Most times we can make this bag, or other super expensive designer inspired pieces for less than 10% of what the big names in the world of high fashion will sell them to you for! And made right here in the USA....not in China....not in Mexico....not in Italy or Viet Nam or any other distant land that is stealing money from American manufacturers, business owners and employees. We CAN DO IT in the USA! Proof positive.

Price: $1,620 (with your own leather)

#WB-214 Large Travel Valise

Our WB-213 Travel Valise was an instant hit with Walden & Bork customers. But then, along came “Dave” who wanted bigger, longer, more room. So, we made “Dave” what he wanted... a scaled up version of our original. “Dave” specified that his large travel valise would have to be compliant with all airlines for carryon status so we made the larger version 24” long x 11” high x 16” wide so “Dave” could take all of his goodies on the plane with him. The interior is basically a roomy single compartment with two inside slip pockets along the sides. There are two convenient slip pockets on the outside on either end to stash boarding passes, cell phones, etc.

Price: $1,800

#WB-217 Medium Carryon Duffle

At times we have to stand back and reassess situations. Such was the case with our #WB-212 Carryon Duffle. By design it is a leather-hungry item requiring vast, unspoiled pieces of leather, (as in no bullet holes or blems), which has precluded a a number of our customers from owning a carryon duffle made from their own gameskin. After some thought, we came with another design that allows a duffle to be made from several smaller pieces of leather...and allows us to work around bullet holes. The WB-213 provides you with nearly the same carrying capacity, fully legal as a carryon, yet can be made from 10, 12 or even 15 smaller pieces of leather. The WB-213 features four exterior pockets for quick access to your gear...cell phone, notepad, book, magazines, travel documents. There is a zippered pocket at each end, a zipped side pocket on the back plus a velcro closured front pocket with a zippered compartment on the flap. Finished size is 9" wide x 9" high by 24" long. And if you have enough "long leather" we can even make an all-gameskin shoulder strap. (Not so the case with the customer's example shown. We did the best we could with what we had to work with!!).

Price: $1,350.00

#WB-405 Barrel Wrap

We’ve all observed how African Professional Hunters carry their big bore double guns over their shoulder with the muzzle facing down and forward. It makes perfect sense as carrying a heavy double in such a manner is easier and the gun load is better balanced. There is one drawback however. Hot sweaty hands on blued gun barrels have a tendency ruin the finish on a fine gun. Our new barrel wrap eliminates the problem. Full length velcro  secures the leather to the barrel, (velcro does not touch the barrel in any way) Easy on/easy off. When ordering, provide us with the measurement around your barrels.

Price: $110.00

#WB-411 Trophy Room Butler's Tray

Here’s the perfect accoutrement for your trophy room...the Trophy Room Butler’s Tray. Hand made in Wisconsin from native 1/2” black walnut or maple. Meticulously hand finished with eight coats of hand rubbed oil and hand buffed. Standard size is 20” x 14”...just big enough to serve drinks in your trophy room, but not so big as to be clumsy. The surface is covered in your own gameskin leather which is attached with stylish brass furniture maker’s tacks. Please specify light or dark stain.

Price: $940.00

Antique Finish Black Walnut

#WB-412 Trophy Room Laptop Table

Computers are the most invasive “tools” ever the point that even during our evenings away from work...we continually feel compelled to check emails and surf the internet. Balancing a laptop on your lap can be tricky. Dropping one is never good as laptops don’t bounce well. Walden & Bork’s Trophy Room Laptop Table provides the ideal platform to sit back in your easy chair while conducting your evening computer searches Top and bottom are the same size...15” deep by 20” wide, covered with your own game skin attached with stylish brass furniture makers tacks. The front-mounted leg allows you to pull the table you can at least pretend you’re relaxing. The base slides under most sofas to safely anchor the table should “Man’s Best Friend” or a small child go blowing through your area. Standard work surface height is 26” but can be made in any height you desire, your choice. Made in Wisconsin from 3/4” black walnut, maple or eucalyptus, hand finished with eight applications of hand rubbed oil and hand buffed. Please specify light or dark stain.

Price: $990.00

#WB-915 Ladies Dress Gloves, Lined

A fine ladies glove made from your deer skin, elk or moose. Lined with soft fleece for warmth in cold weather. Made with a 3-point back detail, elasticized wrist "snuggers" and a bit longer on the wrist for chill chasing efficiency.

Price: $90.00 per pair

#WB-916 Ladies Fleece Lined Gloves

Made with all rolled inside seams for added wear resistence, a 3-point back detail, fully fleece lined in soft long wearing synthetic fleece for warmth.

Price: $96.00 per pair

#WB-918 Super Shooters Gloves IMPROVED

If you have deerskin, elk or moose hides that you would like to turn into something really useful, send us your hides and allow us to make you several pairs of our custom Super Shooter’s Gloves. As hunters ourselves we know the value of a great pair of perfectly fitting gloves. We like them thin and skintight. Thin enough and tight enough that we can pick up a dime. Our Super Shooter’s Gloves were designed with a longer wrist tube to allow you to tuck them under the cuffs of your coat or shooting shirt to protect your wrists from thorns and other “stickies.” The back side of the glove is perforated to dissipate heat. And because the glove is made inside out, all working area seams are on the inside of the glove for longer wear and fumble free performance in the field. We like a soft 1.5 to 2 oz. leather for shooting gloves. Thin leather forms to your hand providing a much more positive feel for shotgun and rifle safeties and triggers. Super Shooter’s Gloves are also ideal for archery hunters because you can “feel’ everything you are touching.

How To Get Your Own Perfect Fit Super Shooter Gloves:
1. Have your tanning company tan your gameskins split down to a 1.5 to 2 oz. per sq. foot leather weight.
2. Carefully trace both hands with a sharp pencil on white paper.
3. Send your tracings with your order form stating how many pairs you would like to order*

Price: $98.00 per pair (minimum order 4 pairs the same for $392.00)
* A small to medium size deer will normally yield only 2-3 pairs of gloves, depending upon damage of course.

#WB-920 Work Gloves

When it's miserable cold like it has been in Wisconsin during the winter and you have to go outside to clear snow or fill bird feeders, there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of sherpa polyester pile lined deerskin work gloves. Lined in synthetic moisture-wicking fleece these are the hot ticket for cold climates.These work gloves can also be made from "thinner" elk, moose or buffalo hide. Available lined and unlined. Follow the same measuring procedure as described above in the WB-918 Super Shooter Glove description.

Price: $95.00 per pair fleece lined. $80.00 per pair unlined. Minimum order 4 pairs.

#WB-922 Fleece Lined Mittens

When it's really, really in 40 below zero actual or wind chill...your fingers need their "friends" to keep them warm. (All little children know this. That's why they wear mittens). Our sherpa polyester pile lined mittens will keep all of your digits warm and cozy while you are outside braving the elements during the winter. Because mittens are not as form fitting as work and shooting gloves, these can be made from any deerskin, elk, moose or buffalo hide. Follow the same measuring procedure as described above in the WB-918 Super Shooter Glove description.

Price: $85.00 per pair fleece lined. Minimum order 4 pairs.

#WB-1KC Kindle Case

Walden & Bork’s Managing Director, an avid reader, recently joined the modern world and purchased a Kindle Paperwhite reader. Looking at the device I knew immediately that it had to in some way be protected from the inevitable fumbles... the screen needed to be covered while being carried in my briefcase, so I went accessory shopping. The first case I bought fell apart when I was unpacking it. It went back! I then stepped up a notch and bought a Marware Eco-Flip case, ($34.99). After using the case for a week or so I decided “This will work just fine. But now I want to replace the original outside cover with some green deerskin.” I gave a green deerhide and the Marware case to my craftsman and asked her to rework the case with my leather. It turned out great!  If you have a reader and want a game skin case, just buy the case of your choice, send it and some of your gameskin to us and we will make you a one of a kind reader case. No need to reinvent the wheel... just make it better by recovering with your own gameskin!

Price: $110.00 (not including your case)

#WB-600 Armored Laptop Computer Slipcase

More and more of us are carrying laptop computers these days and they all need to be protected. Walden & Bork, at the request of one of its customers, designed this very simple, heavily Armored Laptop Computer Slipcase for those times when you want to travel briefcase...just your computer. It is armored front, back, sides, bottom and top with high density foam material that absorbs those occasional hard landings. Simple magnetic closure. Simple lines and custom made to fit your laptop. When ordering please provide measurements for length, height and thickness of your laptop. We will make it to fit your computer.

Price: $600.00


Cape Buffalo, Black Wildebeest with
American Bison Accents
#WB-628 XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase
When you’re traveling and carrying your “life” around with you (in the form of your laptop computer), there are two things you need... protection & security for your computer and plenty of storage room inside for files, cell phones, phone chargers, computer cords, pens, travel documents, notebooks and other gear. The WB-628 XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase
provides more than ample interior room, thoughtful organizational design. Plus a secure ,fully armored outside pocket for your laptop...easily accessed without opening the briefcase...making airport TSA checkpoints a breeze.

Given the airline’s narrowing up of the aisles in coach class, dragging a roller board briefcase down the aisle is no longer the “politically correct” travel option. The XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase was designed partly out of that frustration...AND never having enough room all of the “stuff” we sometimes need to carry with us.


WB-628 XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase:

• 18” wide x 12” high x 6” thick, compressed mode
• 18” wide x 12” high x 8” thick, expanded mode
• Outside laptop pocket: 17” wide x 10-1/2” high x 2” thick...heavily armored front, back, top, bottom & sides with 1/2” high density foam padding
• Two expandable outside gusseted pockets, 8” wide x 7-1/2” high x 3” thick for fast access to often used items like cell phones.
• Inside: two organizational panels for pens, business cards, meds, phones, calculators, plus one concealed 18” x 12” zippered pouch plus a slip-in file folder pouch, in addition to the cavernous 18” x 12” x 5” central compartment.
• Zippered expandable interior provides an additional 2” of interior when more space is required
• Wide comfort-carry shoulder strap, fully adjustable
• Heavy duty zippers and extra wide velcro fasteners on exterior pockets for maximum security.
• The XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase can even accommodate a change of clothes for those quick overnight out of town trips. One bag convenience in a legal carryon size that easily stows in the overhead compartment.

Can be made in a variety of game skin leather from Elephant to Cape Buffalo to Wildebeest

Price: $1,320.00

#WB-666 Attache Briefcase

We like clean line design and this new briefcase certainly qualifies. It measures 16" tall x 15" wide x 3" thick, and accommodates up to a 15" laptop. One spacious open interior compartment fully leather lined in soft calfskin. A faux buckle detail on the front hides a sturdy snap closure. Also has a handy slip pocket on the outside. Brass hardware. Clean, simple and professional in appearance.

Price: $1,125.00

Cape Buffalo
#WB-627 Padded Laptop Briefcase

If you’re on the go and take your laptop with you, our padded, (armored would be a better description), laptop briefcase is the ideal travel companion. The case opens out flat, fully and exposing your laptop at TSA checkpoints...without removing it from your briefcase, ( you my be required to remove the laptop from its secure position, depending upon the temperment of the government employee screening your briefcase). Inside you will find a dedicated laptop area, complete with velcro tie-downs to secure your computer, plus cell phone, business card, charger and pen pockets plus a roomy compartment for up to 2” of important files. Equipped with a wide, fully adjustable shoulder strap, (detachable), plus rolled leather handles, all made from your gameskin. Interior is fashioned from tough Cordura nylon. Size: 10.5” high by 17” long and 3.5” thick.

Price: $800.00

Rich gold embossed initials can be added to your briefcase for an additional $200.00

#WB-717 Safari Essentials Bag

A Walden & Bork customer sent us a canvas tote bag that he had used for years to carry his camera, binoculars, passport, travel documents and other sensitive gear when traveling on safari.  He asked that we make him a copy of the bag from his own elephant hide.  We did just that.  Once we got to looking at the utility of the bag we decided to add it to our offerings.  We call it the Safari Essentials Bag.  It is 8-1/2” wide by 11” tall by 4-1/4” deep.  Inside it has one central compartment....large enough for a pair of binoculars, camera (s), cell phone, a few traveling toiletries, medications, a book, glasses and other essential items.  On the outside there is a zippered 7” wide by 8” deep pocket on one side and a snap-closed pocket of the same size on the other side for boarding passes, pens and papers. It is equipped with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Price: $750.00

#WB-722 Messenger Flap Safari Shoulder Bag

If our popular Safari Essentials Bag doesn’t provide quite enough room for your travels, move up to the larger Messenger Flap Safari Shoulder Bag. The spacious zippered main compartment is 12” high x 10” wide and 5” thick. In front of the main compartment is a handy zippered 10” wide x 10” deep pocket that allows quick access to safari travel essentials. The messenger flap folds over the top of the bag and attaches with a strong magnetic fastener for a clean profile and added security while still allowing instant access to the outside pocket. There is also a flat zippered slip pocket on the back side, 9” x 10” for papers, boarding passes, etc. Adjustable shoulder strap.

Price: $750.00


Elephant with Magnetic Closure Strap

#WB-200 5" x 8" Notebook

The WB-200 5" x 8" Notebook is one of our most popular items. It can be cut and sewn from either hair-on hides or smooth tanned hides. This striking example was made from the customer’s Zebra hide. The notebook accepts standard 5" x 8" notepads and features an inside pen loop, a business card slot plus a storage flap for papers and notes. The exterior will be made from your game skins with the inside fashioned from a coordinating color of topgrade cowhide.

Price: $290.00 / $310.00 with Magnetic Closure Strap



#WB-630 Document Case

You've seen those people...execs who walk into a meeting carrying a minimal document case with only a few sheets of paper inside, and of course, no pen...because they don't have to take notes. You know the type. No laptop. No pen. Not even a cell phone! Our WB-630 Document Brief was designed as a minimal piece with room enough inside for legal sized documents, a couple files, a pen and even a cell phone. When you don't have to drag the whole office along, this is ideal. Full length zippered top keeps your stuff from flying around.

Price: $300.00

3-Tone Deerskin
#WB-NH2 Letter Size Notepad

Full letter sized notepad holder for 8-1/2" x 11" tablets, complete with pen loop, two interior document pockets, business card pocket AND a 3" x 5" "Things To Do" note card pocket, will keep you organized and prepared for any meeting. And when you lay your alligator, ostrich or elephant notepad on the table people it will make a strong, but subtle statement.

Price: $785.00

#WB-JT3 Deluxe Jotter

Tired of writing on bar napkins or in the margins of important propsals? Have a slim Deluxe Jotter fashioned from your game skins. It holds 10 "Things To Do", 3" x 5" jotter cards on the inside, plus a slot for business cards and your always missing pen on the back. Suit coat pocket or back hip pocket compatible.

Price: $195.00


Alligator and Elephant
#WB-99 Shoulder Brief Case
Organizes everything you will need...laptop, files, notebooks...while traveling or attending meetings. The interior features a full width and height zipped pocket, a roomy center section, a second full width pocket that accepts your laptop, plus an organizational panel for pens, cell phones, airline tickets, passport business cards, etc. Outside is a 7-1/2" x 6" slip pocket that is ideal for storing your travel documents, cell phone or keys for quick and ready access. The wide shoulder strap is removeable if you wish to carry the brief case by the handles. Size is 11" high x 16" wide x 4" deep. Example shown was made from a customer's cranberry colored elk hide. Examples shown made from customer's cranberry colored elk hide and elephant. Available with rolled leather handles or web handles. Please specify.

Price: $690.00

Rich gold embossed initials can be added to your briefcase for an additional $200.00

#WB-75 Executive Desk Pad

The standard size 15" x 20 1/2" Executive Desk Pad can be made from your game skins, providing a personal touch to your office. Also available in a larger 19.5" x 34" size, order WB-76, $500.

Price: $430.00 (WB-75, 15" x 20 1/2" size)
Price: $550.00 (WB-76, 19.5" x 34" size)


#WB-10 Gusseted Business Card Case

The Gusseted Business Card Case provides extra expandable capacity when you need to have a large quantity of your business cards with you... at a convention for instance. The gusset easily allows you to carry 35 to 40 business cards. Three vertical credit card pockets on the left plus a hidden under flap for cash or small items add versatility to this compact piece.

Price: $150.00

#WB-20 Two Pocket Business Card Wallet

Four interior pockets hold two dozen business cards, keeping them protected and fresh. A great use of game skin scrap. A great gift idea.

Price: $135.00

#WB-888 Doc Bag

A classic Doctor's Bag, 16" x 6" x 9". Fully lined interior, secure keyed snap strap closure with gold plated solid brass hardware. Authentic in every way. Made to Doctor's specifications.

Price: $850.00


#WB-96 Game Skin Hat Band

Stylish hat bands can be made from your game skin scrap, either hair on or hair off,. This 1.25" wide zebra hat band is the standard size but it can be made wider or narrower, depending upon your wishes. To determine proper length, use a measuring tape and carefully measure the circumference of your hat. We will make the hat band with a velcro fastener, allowing you to easily attach to your favorite safari hat.

Price: $210.00

#WB-204 Game Skin Vests
Tsessbe & Deerskin
This striking vest was made out of a combinaation of our Tsessbe taken in Botswana and brown deer skin from Wisconsin. Vests can be made from all smooth game hide, such as the deer skin vest shown, or a combination of hair on and hair off hides. We recommend that hair on be used on the front and upper part of the vest to avert excessive wear and hair loss on the lower back portion of the vest.
Vests and garments are tricky to make on a custom basis. We ask that you send us a non-stretchy garment that fits you perfectly. We will then fashion a vest for you based upon the measurement of the item you send us. Allow 6 months for completion.

Price: $825.00

Note: Vest styles vary greatly. If you see a particular style you like other than what is shown here, send us a digital photo of it and we will duplicate it for you.

#WB-36 Men's & Women's Belts

Belts are one of those necessary clothing accessories that we all have to have. Either as a dressing accent or for the intended purpose of securing ones trousers. Walden & Bork offers both lady's and men's belts, in hair-on accent styles or dressy styles. The choice is yours. All are lined with sturdy harness leather to prevent stretching.

Price: Women's Narrow Belt, (3/4”), $295.00
Women's or Men's, (1-1/4” or 1-3/8"), $295.00

NOTES: Belts are made to accept the customer’s favorite buckles. Simple fold-over attachment is either by snaps or screw down fasteners.

• When measuring for a belt, add two inches to your waist, pants or slacks size, For instance, if you are a men’s size 36, you would order a 38” belt. You may also have your belt made longer at no extra charge. (If your “middle” tends to fluctuate upwards during the offseason as does that of this middle-aged hunter, a bit longer could be a good idea. Once a belt is made it’s impossible to add length to it. Just a thought.)

• Belt width is determined by the inside dimensions of the buckle you plan to use with the belt. Please carefully measure this dimension and make note of it on the order form.

How to measure for a belt:
See graphic below
Measure from the foldover (buckle attaching point) to the hole that you use to fasten your belt in and provide us with that measurement. It makes no difference how many holes you have in your present belt. We need the measurement from the foldover at the buckle end to the hole that you use. We will add several inches to the belt measurement you provide us with to give you a range of adjustment.

#WB-26T African Fly Swatter
You've seen them in use over there... chasing away the ever-present flies and assorted bugs. There's a reason why. They work! Walden & Bork can make you your own African Fly Swatter if you remember to have one of your trophy tails skinned, dried and tanned. Keep all of the leather around the hide as we install a stout rod inside the leather and handle to provide some stiffness and then sew the rest of the leather together and finish the piece with a nice wood handle. It's a novelty and a momento of your hunt that actually works!

Price: $200.00

#WB-900 Game Skin Leather Drinking Vessels

12 oz. Rocks Glass, (ostrich), 38 oz. Large Mugs with Handles, (ostrich & elk), (Shotglass in foreground), 12 oz. Rocks Glass (ostrich), 16 oz. Tom Collins, (ostrich).

What could be more appropriate than toasting one hunting trophy with another...from a vessel made from your own game skin? Walden & Bork makes three unique drinking vessels plus a shot glass out of game skin leather. The vessels are first hand formed using two layers of high grade glazed harness leather, (3/8” thick), and then covered with your game skin. Two layers of organic food grade epoxy is applied to the interior, allowing your drinking vessel to be used for hot or cold beverages. The insulation value of the vessels is equal to or better than even the best insulated commercial mugs on the market. They easily hold ice and keep beverages cold or six hours. Each heirloom vessel is individually and expertly handmade... hand cut, formed and stitched in Wisconsin, using traditional leatherworking techniques. Each is numbered on the bottom in sequence to build. Hand wash interiors only with warm soapy water.

12 oz. Rocks Glass - Price: $175.00
16 oz. Tom Collins - Price: $200.00
38 oz. Large Mug with Handle - Price: $250.00
3.5 oz. Shot Glass - Price: $60.00

Available in sets of 4, 6, 8 or more. (10% discount on one dozen or more)

Custom Laser Engraving
Each Game Skin Leather Drinking Vessel can be laser engraved with your company logo--a great idea for corporate gifts to valued clients. Or you can have your name, date of your hunt engraved... whatever you wish. Large logo laser engraving is $7.00@ extra; smaller size is $2.00@. All we will need from you is a Jpeg file of your logo or your chosen inscription in approximate size type desire.

Large laser engraved logo, $7.00

Small laser engraved logo, $2.00

#WB-900 Game Skin Leather Can Coolers & Bottle Coolers
Walden & Bork also offers Can Coolers and Bottle Coolers to keep your summertime beverages colder longer. The interior of our coolers is made from the same high grade glazed harness leather, (3/8” thick), as our drinking vessels and then covered with your game skin, providing excellent insulation values. Plain leather interior to firmly grip your can our bottle. Open bottom to allow empty bottle or can to be easily pushed out at refill time.

Can Cooler or Bottle Cooler
Price: $175.00

Available in sets of 4, 6, 8 or more. (10% discount on one dozen or more)

#WB-912 Travel Wallet/Document Organizer

Simple fold over design organizes all of your important travel, boarding passes, ID's, club cards and passort. Everything organized and readily available yet secure.
8-3/4" high x 4-1/2" wide.

Price: $320.00

Many items can be made with hair-on game skins - This travel wallet is made from Water Buck hide

#WB-TV2 Travel Valet

When you are traveling and staying in strange places, (hotels), you give up the familarity of home surroundings so sometimes forget where you left your keys, jewelery or cash. The Travel Valet provides a perfect solution because it provides a "place" to put your valuables. It folds out flat so it takes up no room in your luggage. When needed in your room, the sides pop up providing you with a place to store your valuables.

Price: $250.00

#WB-LT Luggage Tag

Simple but unique when made from your game skin. Allows you to slip your business card inside the secure window.

Price: $125.00

#WB-CT1 Square Coasters

Our roomy 4" square leather coasters made from your game skins are great for personal use in your den or trophy room. They also make welcome gifts for friends and family. This is a great way to use game skin scrap. Mix and match...two cape buffalo, two elephant and two kudu. Made with non skid backing, stitched and burnished edges. They take on a personality all their own with use. Coasters can be made from your game hides, either hair on or hair off. This is a perfect application for using older game skins you may have had tanned with the hair on.

Price: $300.00 Set of 4

#WB-320 Trophy Foot Lamp

We had a lamp similar to this made from our own zebra legs in Zimbabwe in 1994 and always liked the way it looked sitting on the trophy room desk. Shown here is a larger trophy foot lamp made from an Alberta moose taken in 2016. It is topped with handmade paper lampshade that incorporates pine needles and stones that reflect the area where the moose was taken.

Price: $600.00 lamp only

$300.00 custom handmade shade

Note: We can literally design a custom handmade paper lampshade just for you that reflects your hunting environment or home decor. Call for further information.

#WB-SLC Sportsman's Lamp Coasters

Let’s face it, no sportsman or sportswoman wants to see a frilly doily under a table lamp in the trophy room. You know...the lacy kind your grandmother used under the candy dish? The doily’s purpose of course, was to protect furniture.

Good idea but just not the “look” you want.

Walden & Bork has made gameskin drink coasters for customers for years. We got to thinking, “Why not bring the hunter’s ‘look’ to every room in the house?” (Granted, it was a late Friday night idea). Transferring the coaster concept to make larger sized lamp coasters just might work and we thought it might appeal to like-minded customers.

Following experimentation and prototyping with leftover gameskin scrap we made a set for every room in the house. They look really cool and they’re functional! Plus, we used up a lot of small and odd shaped pieces of both hair-on and hair-off scrap leather.

Sizing is up to you. We made our prototypes 1” wider all around the lamps. In retrospect, 1-1/2” to 2” wider than the actual footprint of the lamps would have been ideal. Shapes are also
up to you. Sportsman’s Lamp Coasters can be made square, rectangular, round, triangular, hexagonal, oval, octagonal, pentagonal. Your choice. Be creative! Each is hand cut and custom made to your specifications.

Ordering: On a white sheet of paper, merely trace around the base and shapes of your lamps. Indicate the quantity of each to be which species of leather....size and the shape you would like to order and then send us your tracings and enough gameskin scrap to make your Lamp Coasters. We will back up your gameskin with a heavy black cowhide which makes for a sturdy coaster. Be sure to tell us how much outside-of-the lamp width you would prefer, 1-1/2” or 2”, or larger if desired. Minimum size recommended is 7”.

$90.00 small up to 10"
$115.00 medium up to 15"
$145.00 large up to 18-20"

Note: All Sportsman's Lamp Coasters and Sportsman's Placemats require heavy duty leather backing that we will provide, adding approximately $30 to each coaster order, and up to $120 to each order of placemats (6 to 8 placemats).

Pictured: Springbok, Zebra, Elk and American Bison
WB-SPM Sportsman's Placemats

Sportsman's Placemats were the logical progression after the introduction of our Sportsman's Lamp Coasters and WB-CT1 Square drink coasters made from gameskin. Our Sportsman's Placemats can be made in any gameskin you wish to send us...all the same or individually different. Gameskin is backed with a thick black waterproofed leather backing to give the mat substance, preventing rolled up edges. Simple lines, either plain rectangle shaped or rectangle with angled corners as shown. Size is 13" x 19, made in sets of (4) four.

Price: $425.00 Set of 4

Note: All Sportsman's Lamp Coasters and Sportsman's Placemats require heavy duty leather backing that we will provide, adding approximately $30 to each coaster order, and up to $120 to each order of placemats (6 to 8 placemats).

#WB-222 Accent Pillows

Creative use of hair on game skins is seen in this customer's zebra pillows. Much of the mane remained from the zebra hide provided to us after the customer had had other items made so we incorporated the mane into the center of the 18" square pillows. Accent pillows like these can be made from hair on or hair off game.

$325.00 - 18"
$340.00 - 22"

#WB-100 Top Gun Cartridge Carrier

Can be made from any combination of leather, (sample above made from Black American Bison and Zebra). Two for live rounds and one for empties. The larger main compartment, which is 8" long x 10" deep and 4" wide, easily holds four boxes of 12 gauge rounds or five boxes of 20 gauge, (that ought to be enough!). Easily slips onto any belt and can be worn on the right or the left. Your choice. Look good wearing your own game skins while shooting sporting clays, trap or skeet.

Price: $250.00

Used and proven on a recent Northern Alberta moose hunt!
A heavy duty cowhide interior fold over flap protects your knives and prevents "poke throughs."
#WB-914 Knife Roll

High quality, razor sharp cutlery is one of the hunter’s essential tools. So whether it’s a trip over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner (because Grandma’s knives are always dull), or a rugged high mountain elk hunt, the Walden & Bork Knife Roll will organize and protect your good hunting and kitchen knives in a handy rollup carrier. The Knife Roll features five inside pockets for field dressing knives, boning knives, chef’s knives and/or a sharpening steel. A heavy duty cowhide leather fold-over flap protects and secures knives in place and prevents “poke throughs.” Two sturdy luggage type hangers and chains allow you to hang the Knife Roll over a limb or a door for easy access to your knives when you’re working meat. Interior dimensions are 14” wide by 14.5” tall. Overall length is 19-1/4”, (size may be increased as per your wishes). Two leather binding straps with hook and loop secure the knife roll for transport. Knives will not rub on one another and can’t fall out or stick you!

Price: $450.00
(exterior and interior made with your game skin leather---heavy duty cowhide interior provided by Walden & Bork)

#WB-556 Custom Knife Sheath

This is truly a custom product. You send us your knife and we will make a custom sheath to fit the exact size and shape of your knife from your game skin. Can be made to accommodate any width of belt, 1", 1-1/5" or 2". Please specify your choice. A sturdy snap strap secures your knife in the sheath.

Price: $300.00

Custom XL Knife Sheath, $525.00

#WB-556 Custom Knife Sheath

This is truly a custom product. You send us your knife and we will make a custom sheath to fit the exact size and shape of your knife from your game skin. Can be made to accommodate any width of belt, 1", 1-1/5" or 2". Please specify your choice. A sturdy snap strap secures your knife in the sheath.

Price: $250.00

Custom XL Knife Sheath, $285.00

#WB-119 Padded Rifle Sling

Our padded rifle sling features a grippy suede underside to
keep your rifle anchored to your shoulder when carrying.
Comes complete with sling swivels attached for quick attachment.

Price: $325.00

This unique rifle sling belongs to one of the bravest women we have ever had the pleasure to make products for. She's from Southwest Texas. She has killed several coral snakes with her little short .410 handgun...while walking her dog! It's only fitting that she have one of her snake trophies immortalized by making it into her own personal rifle sling.
#WB-119A Padded Rifle Sling/Hair-On Game Skin Inlet Detail

Our padded rifle sling features a grippy suede underside to keep your rifle anchored to your shoulder when carrying. Comes complete with sling swivels attached for quick attachment.
Price: $350.00

Cape Buffalo
#WB-402 Deluxe Scoped Rifle Case

Lined with a thick layer of premium padded moisture-chasing fleece and equipped with a non-scratching heavy duty full length double-zip zipper plus a wide, adjustable full length shoulder carrying strap with leather shoulder pad. Shoulder strap frees up your hands to carry other gear. The Walden & Bork Deluxe Scoped Rifle Case is made from your own game skin leather as a lasting reminder of hunts past. Can be custom made in any length. When ordering please provide the total length of your rifle plus the deepest dimension measured from the top of the scope to the bottom of the stock. If ordering for a side by side double rifle please provide width measurement of the end of the barrels. Heavy duty rolled leather carry handles for conventional carry also provided.

Price: $980.00

Special Note: When ordering a gun case, please provide the measurements for the total length of your gun from the tip of the barrel to the end of the top of the butt stock. Also provide the diagonal measurement from the tip of the barrel to the bottom of the butt stock. Provide the deepest measurements from the top of the scope, (from and rear) to the bottom of the trigger guard (deepest dimension), and from the top of the scope to the bottom of the forend. These measurements are vitally important given the new larger scopes being used today. We will need the same dimensional measurements for non-scoped shotguns. Click for Measurement Diagram

#WB-403 Deluxe Shotgun Case

We like a shotgun case that fits or favorite O/U's and Side by Side's perfectly so there is no movement within the case. The WB-403 Deluxe Shotgun Case is custom made for your fine gun, single barrell, O/U or Side by Side. Simply provide the exact measurements of your shotgun, both overall length and width of barrels if a Side by Side. We will add 3 inches to the overall length, providing you with a snug fit case that doesn't allow your favorite shotgun to shift back and forth inside. Lined with a thick layer of premium padded fleece, equipped with a heavy duty full length zipper and double zipper pulls plus a wide, full length adjustable shoulder strap with leather pad that allows you to carry your weapon over the shoulder to free up your hands for other gear. Heavy duty rolled leather carry handles for conventional carry also provided.

Price: $980.00

Special Note: When ordering a gun case, please provide the measurements for the total length of your gun from the tip of the barrel to the end of the top of the butt stock. Also provide the diagonal measurement from the tip of the barrel to the bottom of the butt stock. Provide the deepest measurements from the top of the scope, (from and rear) to the bottom of the trigger guard (deepest dimension), and from the top of the scope to the bottom of the forend. These measurements are vitally important given the new larger scopes being used today. We will need the same dimensional measurements for non-scoped shotguns. Click for Measurement Diagram

#WB-404 Knockdown Double Rifle or Shotgun Case

Many shooters prefer a knockdown case to showcase their favorite double shotguns or rifles. The WB-404 features a 3/4-zip heavy duty scratch proof zipper with double zipper pulls plus a wide, full length adjustable shoulder strap with leather shoulder pad that allows you to carry your weapon over the shoulder to free up your hands for other gear . Plus heavy duty rolled leather carry handles for conventional carry. Two separate compartments inside protect the two components of your double gun from making contact, wrapping them in a thick layer of premium padded fleece that wicks moisture away from your fine firearm and protects it from dings and dents. Please provide exact measurements of each component of your double gun...length..height and width of barrels when ordering.

Price: $1,200.00

Special Note: When ordering a gun case, please provide the measurements for the total length of your gun from the tip of the barrel to the end of the top of the butt stock. Also provide the diagonal measurement from the tip of the barrel to the bottom of the butt stock. Provide the deepest measurements from the top of the scope, (from and rear) to the bottom of the trigger guard (deepest dimension), and from the top of the scope to the bottom of the forend. These measurements are vitally important given the new larger scopes being used today. We will need the same dimensional measurements for non-scoped shotguns. Click for Measurement Diagram

#WB-13 Dice Cups

Custom made dice cups can be made from most any game skin leather, hair on or hair off. These two were made from Cape Buffalo scrotum leather at the customer's request. Great conversation piece but also fully playable.

Price: $225.00

#WB-212 Carryon Duffle

At 11" high by 21" long and 11" deep, this useful carryon duffle is ideal for transporting your meds, valuables, rifle scopes, etc. onboard with you as it easily fits in overhead compartments. Equipped with a wide comfortable shoulder strap plus leather wrapped grab handles.

Price: $1,500.00

#WB-ST1 Standard 3-Ring Photo Album

Our 3-ring photo album is a great way to organize individual safaris. With 1-1/2" capacity rings, you can add enough photo pages to pretty much cover even an extensive safari. Our 11-1/2" x 11-3/4" ring binder comes with 20 photo pages or 120 photo capacity in 4 x 6 or 40-8 x 10 photo sheets, (additonal photo sheets can be ordered). All photo sheets are acid free archival quality to protect your photos. Build a library of game skin covered photo albums from your hunt game skins to keep your memoiries safely organized.

Price: $700.00

Zebra Face Pattern
This is an excellent use of the finer stripes that occur on a zebra's face and lower legs. It makes up beautifully.
#WB-2 Photo Album

The ideal "brag book" when it's made from your own game skin. This album features a preview photo on the inside cover. The album holds up to 40 - 4 x 6 photos.

Price: $295.00


#WB-221 Simple Zippered Organizer Pouch

One of our customers requested a simple zippered pouch to help organize small items when traveling. We built the customer's simple zippered organizer  pouch, 8” long by 5” high by 3” thick with a sturdy top zipper. It made perfect sense so added to our product offerings. These can be made in any size you wish.

Now offered in a larger size, 11" long by 7" tall by 5-1/2" wide. This super roomy organizer can easily become your go-to dopp kit as well. Due to its design, the organizer pouches are best with lighter weight, softer leathers, such as deer skin, elk, or moose. The large Organizer Pouch pictured below is made from soft, supple deerskin-tanned cowhide, which we can source in a variety of colors.

Price: $110.00 Small
Price: $195.00 Large

Large Pouch

#WB-718 Two-Handle Stuffit Tote Bag

Whether you use our Stuff-It Tote Bag for airline carryon items or as tote for carrying bulky items when traveling by car like shoes, dopp kits, makeup kits, hairdryers, a bottle or two of "adult beverage", our unique Stuff-It Tote bag can be used for many applications. It features a large central compartment plus a zippered 8" x 8" inside pocket for keys, cell phones and other small items, plus a 4" x 8" exterior slip pocket for other small items like glasses cases. Handles are fully adjustable heavy duty straps which allow you to adjust the straps to the shorter position for hand carrying or to a longer position for over the shoulder carrying. Heavy duty snaps on both sides and on both ends allow you to snap the bag fully closed if desired. Note the capactiy...six jumbo rolls of paper towels easily fit! Size: 14" high x 18" wide x 9" deep.

Price: $550.00

American Bison

#WB-666 Compact Backpack

This low profile backpack is the ideal size to carry aboard a plane or around town...measuring 15” wide, 17” high and only 5” thick. It features a heavy duty 3/4-zip top opening plus a front zip pocket that allows quick access to cell phone, Kindle reader, boarding pass, glasses, pen, notes and travel essentials. Sturdy shoulder straps are preformed for a body-hugging, no hangup profile.

Price: $900.00


#WB-555 Day Pack

Here’s a unisex Day Pack...whether made up from your own deer skin or zebra or elephant...that will quickly become a favorite accessory when traveling or attending conventions and shows. It provides ample room for personal items you wish to take with you when traveling. At conventions and shows it will easily and neatly tote a ton of product brochures, DVD’s, videos, allowing you the ultimate in freedom of movement. It features a 2-way zippered opening main compartment plus a large outside zippered pocket, plus padded leather shoulder straps and strong adjusters. It is double stitched at stress points and features a leather reinforced bottom panel. Size: 12” wide x 4” thick x 16” high. Can be ordered with a padded laptop sleeve for an additional $35.

Price: $820.00

#WB-444 Mini Day Pack

The Mini Day Pack is just a bit smaller, more compact than the standard #WB-555. It features 2/3rds outer zipper for easy access to the interior compartment plus a generous outer pocket to store "most used" items.

Price: $720.00

Mini Day Pack here shown in a customer's brown elephant hide.

#WB-15 Key Fob

You can make a lot of key fobs for friends, family and business associates out of game skin scrap. A simple key fob is always appreciated and used often.

Price: $20.00

#WB-16 Tab Key Fob

A bit dressier than our standard key fob with open double sided loop and riveted metal closure and keyring.

Price: $45.00

#WB-29 Double Glasses Case

So, why do you need a double glasses case? Simple. For those of us who have undergone cataract surgery... and now need readers to read up close... but then maybe a bit of extra distance correction assistance for perfect vision... two pairs of glasses are sometimes required. Readers store in the front pocket of the case and distance correction or plain old sunglasses in the center pocket. Lined in soft deerskin. One case... two solutions.

Price: $195.00

#WB-30 Readers Glasses Case

Simple. Efficient. Soft deerskin lining inside. AND... made from your own gameskin... which makes it even better.

Price: $115.00

#WB-2405 Cigarette Case

This handsome 3-1/4” wide by 5-1/4” high cigarette case includes a zippered top for inside storage of cigarettes with an open outside pocket for your lighter or matches. It can be made from a variety of game skins, from Zebra to deer skin to cape buffalo.

Price: $180.00

#WB-925 Pouf

No matter if you call it a pouf or an ottoman, you have to admit that this purple alligator pouf is striking! One of our good customers, who has access to a lot of alligator hides, asked that we recover a pouf for his wife. He sent us two huge purple alligators to recover this 18" x 18" x 18" pouf/ottoman. There wasn't much left of his two big alligators, but it is amazing, you have to agree. This one set him back about $2,000, given alligator is so difficult to work with when applied to a furniture item like this. Made from regular game skin leather, the price will be somewhat lower.

Call for an estimate

Creative Use of Backskins

We received a call from a nice lady from Pennsylvania a couple months ago asking if we could make she and her husband a rug utilizing five of their African backskins. We asked her to lay them out on the floor, take a digital photo of what she had in mind. She wanted five backskins combined, "and no frilly ruffles or any of that stuff they put on bear rugs...we don't like that!" (We couldn't agree more!). The Sable (the middle skin...the black and white one), was a bit wider than the other skins so we did some creative trimming to satisfy her maintain the "roughy" natural edges. We also did a little judicious tail trimming here and there. Note the tail at the far end remains. We would point that at the door to show guests the way out! No cheesy ruffles...just the skins, neatly sewn together by hand by a skilled seamstress, then backed with taxidermy felt to provide a bit of rigidity to extend the life of the skins.

Her response when she received her rug?

"We had been away. The rug was on our porch upon our return. We love it! It's exactly as we had hoped! You made it just as I wanted it! Thank you so much!"

-- Trisha

Give us a call or send us an email if you would like a similar hunt remembrance piece. Cost of this one of a kind: roughly $700 to $900 depending upon number of hides

Strange Request Satisfied

We occasionally receive some strange requests for custom made items. This one tops the list. A customer of Walden & Bork's from Louisiana asked if we could cover his custom made refuse container lid in alligator. The customer did not have enough hide to cover the entire lid so we did the best we could with what we had. We applied alligator hornback scrap to the sides and top of his cedar refuse container lid using furniture makers tacks. The final product was quite stunning actually. It took on the look of a fine piece of leather furniture. This, for our customer's hunting cabin.

Strange requests can be satisfied sometimes. Sometimes not. If you have a special or strange request, give us a call or send us an email.

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