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Custom Handmade Leather Products Made From Your Own Game Skins

Many stories have been told and many observations made at the campfire.

Walden & Bork is a US company that was conceived around a safari campfire in Africa years ago.

We owe much to our grandfathers, who once fashioned items such as chair seats, chaps, vests, harness... and made farm repairs from game skins and cowhide. Both had a fond appreciation of natural things which thankfully, was passed down through the generations.

Today, more than a 100 years after our resourceful grandfathers employed natural leathers for needed items, Walden & Bork offers hunters the unique opportunity to preserve the tradition of the hunt by using accumulated game skins and hides for making useful hand crafted personal items.

hand madeGrandfather Gustav Bork was born of immigrant parents on the North Dakota prairie in 1885. He loved the land. Shown here with his friend Chris Larsen, on the Big Slough just North of his farm, Grandfather Bork, (right), loved to hunt! Just before he died, he shot a double on Teal... two birds--one shot! (There was a pattern here). He was also a saver, telling me often when I was about to discard something, “You never know when you might use that.” And so it became a family ritual... saving pieces of leather, scraps of tin and other treasures that others looked upon as junk.

zebra hide purse
Custom Crafted Accessories From Your Game skins...
Put your back skins and games hides to good use!

Commission Walden & Bork to design and hand craft tasteful... unique... one of a kind personal accessory items from your game skins. For personal use or as gifts for friends, family or business associates. Elegant ladies purses, brief cases, carryon bags, gun cases, belts, gloves, wallets, tote bags, checkbook covers , notebook covers... endless possibilities--timeless memories.
All Products Handcrafted in the USA

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