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Men's Wallets Made from your Gameskin Leather

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#WB-114 Hipster Wallet

Does your lifestyle dictate that you carry an inordinate number of credit cards, ID cards, passkeys, health insurance cards, club cards, membership and rewards cards? If so...you will want to take a good long look at Walden & Bork’s Hipster Wallet. Inside it provides ten (10!) card slots plus two roomy hidden compartments under the card slots to store other small items like business cards, plus a more than ample currency compartment. The Hipster provides a place for just about everything! Size is 4-1/8” high x 4-3/8” wide (when folded closed).

Price: $250.00 regular, $400 in full game skin

#WB-112 2-Fold ID Window Wallet

This wallet design is truly unique and fully functional. The 2-Fold ID Window Wallet offers the instant convenience of flashing your ID (when the occasion arises as it does so often these days), without having to dig through your entire wallet. The ID window appears on a fold down flap on the left inside face of the wallet. On the right are two vertical credit card slots plus a hidden compartment under the card slots. Lifting the left side flap exposes four more vertical credit card slots with two more hidden compartments under the card slots, plus your currency compartment. Lots of functionality...plenty of room...all neatly incorporated in a trim 4-1/4” x 3-1/4” package. 6-7/8" high x 4" wide.

Price: $225.00

men's pocket secretary#WB-105 Men's Pocket Secretary Wallet

This slim line Pocket Secretary Wallet, shown in lizard skin, organizes credit cards, ID’s and business cards in 10 horizontal card slots, plus currency in one of three interior compartments, allowing you to slip it into the breast pocket of your suit coat without telltale bulging.
6-7/8" high x 4" wide.

Price: $495 in full game skin or
$300 with topgrade cowhide interior

#WB-106 Window ID Checkbook Wallet

Tired of carrying a checkbook and a wallet? If so the Window ID Checkbook Wallet is ideal. One slim accessory organizes credit cards, checkbook, photo ID, business cards and cash.

Price: $250 in full game skin or $180 in game skin with topgrain cowhide interior

#WB-107 Slim Executive Checkbook Wallet

This can be your go-to checkbook/wallet. It provides six credit card slots, a checkbook slot and three full length currency slots. One checkbook, or wallet will do it all.

Price: $190.00

money clip#WB-109 Money Clip Wallet

If you travel light, the Money Clip Wallet may be just the ticket. A strong Italian spring clip secures currency under the vertical leather flap on the right. On the left are three horizontal credit card, ID slots. The top slot is oversized for business cards. Tucked under the money clip and the credit card slots are two more compartments for additional cards. 3-1/2" wide x 4-1/4" high

Price: $320 in full game skin or $175 with topgrade cowhide interior


slim line wallet
#WB-110 Slim Line Wallet

Our Slim Line Wallet is designed for minimal intrusion in your pocket...only 3-1/2” wide by 4-7/16” high. The example, shown in brown alligator, features three credit card slots on each side, plus two full length currency compartments plus two other compartments that can be used to slip in a few business cards or pass keys.

Price: $320 in full game skin or $175 with topgrain cowhide interior

White Alligator

men's compact wallet#WB-202 Men's Compact Wallet

Six vertical credit card slots, currency compartment and two hidden compartments for additional cards allow you to carry almost everything you will need. Only 3-1/2” wide by 4” high.

Price: $320 in full game skin or $175 with topgrade cowhide interior

#WB-MC7 Suregrip Money Clip Wallet

Perfect for those who like option of a money clip and still need a few credit cards and an ID. On the outside is a ratchet style bill holder on one side and an ID window on the other. Inside are two slots for credit cards, driver's license or business cards. Compact: 4-1/4" x 2-3/4"

Price: $200

sports clip wallet

#WB-37 Golfer's Wallet

If you are going golfing or to the shooting range and only need a couple credit cards, a driver’s license and some cash, our Sports Clip Wallet is extremely handy and compact. Center compartment holds your cards and ID...folding money is held by the exterior magnetic money clip. Only 2-3/4” wide by 3” high.

Price: $180 in full game skin

tri-fold wallet

#WB-204 Tri-Fold Wallet

If you prefer a small wallet with greater capacity, our Tri-Fold wallet provides six vertical credit card and ID slots on the outer two wings plus a center slot with a hidden compartment under for business cards or additional credit cards, in addition to a full length currency compartment.

Price: $320 in full game skin or $175 with topgrade cowhide interior

#WB-Z1 Z-Wallet

This handy little front pocket wallet provides six credit card pockets, a convenient ID window plus a spring loaded money clip to hold folding money. Slim and small...perfect for the traveling executive.

Price: $280

credi card wallet#WB-22 Slim Credt Card Wallet

All you need is cards and cash? Then the space saving Credit Card Wallet can lighten your load. Only 3-15/16” long x 2-13/16” high, it provides two credit card slots on each side of the open, lined center currency compartment.

Price: $125

#WB-20 Business Card Wallet

Four interior pockets hold two dozen business cards, keeping them protected and fresh. A great use of game skin scrap. A great gift idea.

Price: $135


Water Buck
magnetic money clip
#WB-27 Magnetic Money Clip

If you really want to minimize what you carry with you, our Magnetic Money Clip turned out in one of your favorite game skins is ideal. It’s slim, neat and fits easily into your pants pocket...only 2-5/8” long x 1-1/2” long. (This is a great item to make from small pieces of your game skin scrap. Plus a super gift idea for business associates and friends). Money clips can be made from smooth game skins or from hair on hides, such as this giraffe example.

Price: $50

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