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Women’s Wallets & Purses Made From Your Own Gameskin Leather

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#WB-557 Mini Roll Clutch Purse

At only 7-3/4" long x 3-1/2" high x 1-3/4" thick, the Mini Roll Clutch Purse provides just enough room for a few essentials, lipstick, keys, maybe a pen, a cell phone and possibly a tissue or two. But it's so easy to carry!

Price: $1,000.00

#WB-558 Standard Roll Clutch Purse

Classic clutch purse styling in every way. Single compartment interior, removable shoulder strap, 9" long x 2-1/4" thick x 4-3/4" tall.

Price: $1,050.00

#WB-559 Large Clutch Purse

Zippered pocket and at 12" long x 2-1/2" thick x 5" tall, the Large Clutch Purse may be all the purse you need. Comes with a removable/optional shoulder strap as well.

Price: $1,350.00

#WB-600 Square Shoulder Purse

Not really square, but close. 13-3/4" long x 4-3/4" thick x 10-3/4" high, the "not really square" Square Shoulder Purse brings classic, elegant lines to the party. Zippered top and two sturdy shoulder straps. Two inside compartments.

Price: $2,700.00

#WB-610 Horeshoe Cross Body Purse

Simple but easy to carry, the Horseshoe Cross Body Purse is 9" long x 3-3/4" thick x 8-1/2" tall. Classic fold-over top flap. Fully adjustable shoulder straps allow for cross body carry or shoulder carry.

Price: $1,425.00

#WB-620 Classic Cross Body Purse

Taller than it is wide this classic purse is 10" tall and 8" wide with a fold pver top flap plus interior zippered pockets. Open exterior slip pocket. Simple clean lines allow this purse to go to the store or the opera.

Price: $1,425.00

#WB-626 Large Satchel Purse

For the lady who needs a bit more room for all of her important stuff, the Large Satchel Purse measures 14" long by 4" wide by 10" tall, providing a lot of room for a lot of stuff. Interior organizational dividers help you keep your stuff readily at hand. Zip open top secures your stuff.

Price: $3,000.00

#WB-7 Tote Purse

Walden & Bork made this beautiful “structured” alligator and black Italian calfskin Tote Purse for a school teacher who wanted capacity for her files and other educational tools, but didn’t want to carry a “suitcase.” At 10” high by 12-1/2” long by 5” wide at the bottom and tapering smaller at top, the WB-7 Tote Purse provides ample room... yet is a pleasant and dignified piece to carry. Inside there are three kangaroo slip pockets for cell phones, calculators, keys, etc., plus two dedicated pen pockets, plus a zippered 6” x 6” inside pocket for small or flat items. On the outside there are two 7” wide by 5.5” deep slip pockets for things you need to access quickly... airline tickets, parking receipts, cell phone. This is a tote bag that looks like a purse. Equipped with adjustable over-shoulder carry straps. Structured bottom and sides prevent it from sagging even when empty.

Price: $1,440.00

#WB-7J Tote Purse

This gorgeous all-alligator purse is a variation of our popular WB-7 Tote Purse. Our customer sent us several photographs of a very expensive alligator purse that she liked and wanted one made like it from her husband’s alligator skin. (She bought the alligator hunt for her husband’s birthday with the condition that she would get a purse out of the deal.   Fair trade!). She didn’t want any outside pockets. No problem  She wanted  decorative hardware with a horizontal accent bar.  Fine. And then she wanted the alligator leather patterns to run divergently... North and South... East and West. And metal feet on the bottom, magnetic closure rather than zipper, and a bit larger, 11-3/4” long x 9” tall and 5-3/4” thick.  Hmmmmm! It took a lot more time to make but the end result is stunning. At Walden & Bork... you CAN have what you want!

Price: $1,800.00

#WB-TB-1 Computer Carryall Purse

So... we’re down to a limited number of carryon bags now. The lady can have her purse of course, plus a single carryon if you follow the airline rules. A third item such as laptop case is counted against you so why not combine your business computer case with your purse? By doing so you can still take your rollerboard suitcase. Our new Computer Carryall Purse solves the problem. At 14” long x 11” high x 5” thick, it easily carries a 13” laptop and most 15” laptops. Inside this roomy case is a large zippered compartment for flat items on one side plus an organizational panel on the other side for cell phones, pens, glasses. The interior easily accommodates lettersize file folders, your reader, as well as the rest of the lady’s “purse stuff.” Outside is a convenient slip pocket for often needed items. Even if you don’t travel on business, the WB-TB-1 Computer Carryall Purse makes perfect sense as it organizes everything in one neat bag. Can be made with shoulder straps or drop handles. Sample shown in elephant.

Price: $1,690.00

WB-7 Conceal & Carry Tote Purse

The new WB-7 Conceal & Carry Purse offers all of the same benedits as the original WB-7 with on important difference...it features a discrete zippered side compartment for your concealed handgun. The spacious compartment allows you to carry a small automatic, a revolver or even a large-framed .45 cal. as shown.

No-Fumble Design
The hidden gun compartment zipper pulls straight down in one easy motion. Your shoulder provides the fulcrum. Gun is suspended above the bottom of the purse so there is no noticeable "clunk" when you set your purse down on hard surfaces. No noisy velcro...no fumbling when you need your "little friend". Classic lines...functional...safe design.

Safe & Secure!
The WB-7 Conceal & Carry Tote Purse is equipped with a lockable zippered compartment to secure your handgun for safety...keeping it out of the hands of children.

Price: $1,450.00

#WB-9 The Day Bag

At 9 inches high, 8 inches wide and 3 inches deep, The Day Bag is big enough for all of the essentials...pens, small notepad, makeup, cell phone, wallet, ID's and other assorted stuff. Inside is a zippered privacy pocket. Waterproof lined, zip close top with large outside stuff pocket for loose items, receipts, keys, etc. Can be made in all one type of game skin or a combination of two in contrasting or matching colors

Price: $975.00

WB-920 The Event Purse#WB-920 The Event Purse

Just the size when your going to a concert, a gathering or function, even a dash to the store or a quick trip to the mall. 7 inches high x 10 wide x 1 inch deep. Two compartments with a zippered privacy area in the divider for keys and such. Leather lined with adjustable shoulder strap.

Price: $825.00

#WB-904 Doc Purse

The Doc Purse is a classyy, professional looking purse, 12" long x 7" high x 5" wide, featuring double handles plus a removable shoulder strap. Two inside zippered compartments organize your small items. Elegantly turned out, using the finest quality Italian brass hardware. This elegant purse can be made from any game skin, from alligator, ostrich, elephant, deer skin, hair-on hides like zebra or kudu. Be creative.

Price: $810.00

2-Tone Alligator
Zebra & Red Calfskin


#WB-510 Chula Handbag

The compact 510 Handbag features two front pen pockets plus a cell phone or credit card pocket. The interior carries the rest of your daily essentials. An open back pocket provides quick and easy access for glasses, keys or whatever.

Price: $825.00

#WB-65 Lady's French Purse

Petite...yet complete. The unique low profile purse provides a place for just about everything the lady needs to make a quick trip out...credit cards, IDs, and cash. And when fashioned from high color game skins, can serve as a evening purse when she wants to travel light. 5" long x 3-3/4" high.

Price: $250.00 Calfskin Interior
$500.00 All Game Skin


#WB-17 Vertical Wallet

This is without a doubt one of the most useful and unique purses ever designed. It contains everthing a lady needs, credit cards, IDs, checkbook, pen holder and cash...all in a trim profile wallet you can wear over the shoulder or around the neck. It's compact, neat and way cool! 8" high x 4-1/2" wide closed.

Price: $825.00 Lizard

#WB-530 Lady's Checkbook Clutch Wallet

This one does it all. It houses the Lady's checkbook, (protected under a leather flap), provides six credit card and ID slots, an inside currency compartment and includes a zippered coin compartment on the back. For even more versatility, the checkbook cover is removable. Fold over snap closure. Size closed is 7-3/8” long x 3-1/2” high.

Price: $450.00 in full game skin
$320.00 with topgrade cowhide interior


#WB-530B Credit Card Clutch

Much like our popular Ladies Checkbook Clutch, minus the checkbook feature, because many people don't write checks anymore. We doubled the number of credit card slots, 12 total, plus you have two currency pockets and an outside, zippered coin pocket.

Price: $450.00

#WB-106 Window ID Checkbook

Tired of carrying a checkbook and a wallet? If so the Window ID Checkbook Wallet is ideal. One slim accessory organizes credit cards, checkbook, photo ID, business cards and cash. This sample was made from the customer’s natural tanned deerskin. Now available with duplicate checkbook insert.

Price: $250.00 in full game skin or $180.00 in game skin with topgrain cowhide interior

#WB-107 Slim Executive Checkbook Wallet

This can be your go-to checkbook/wallet. It provides six credit card slots, a checkbook slot and three full length currency slots. One checkbook, or wallet will do it all.

Price: $190.00

#WB-CW Convertible Wallet

The expanding 2-compartment convertible wallet can be worn over the shoulder or on a belt. It holds the lady's checkbook, pen, credtit cards, folding money, makeup and coins. Adjustable shoulder strap is detachable.

Price: $750.00


#WB-1 Euro Wallet

Looks like a coin purse, functions as a fully equipped compact purse with a place for the lady's credit card, coins, driver's license, ID window and just enough folding money. Highest quality Italian hardware. 5" wide x 3-1/2" high.
Price: $375.00


2-Tone Deerskin
draw string shoulder purse
Elephant & Springbok
#WB-552 Draw String Women's Shoulder Purse

Features top drawstring closure with comfortable shoulder strap, zippered front pocket, easy access back pocket plus four handy interior pockets to neatly organize pens, glasses, car keys and credit cards. The sample at right was made from the customer’s Zebra hide with black deer skin accents. Size: 8” diameter x 12” high. (A smaller version can also be made).

Price: $700.00

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