Cigar Humidor



Item # WB-921

Our good friend, Gayne C. Young, On-Line Editor, Dallas Safari Club’s, author and writer extraordinaire, is a cigar smoker. When you’re a cigar smoker you need “special stuff” like a cigar cutter, a travel case for your stogies, one of those industrial strength blow torch lighters… and a place to put your cigars to keep them moist and fresh… a humidor. Gayne already had the rest of the necessary “stuff” but he didn’t have a super nice humidor. Gayne and I hunted alligators in Louisiana in 2013, both collecting several nice gators. Gayne decided he wanted an alligator humidor like the one he had seen on-line so we made him one… using his own alligator skin. First we acquired a nice “box” from Cigars International. Next I met with one of my craftsmen and figured out if and how we could cover the humidor in gator skin. A month or so later Gayne had his much coveted alligator humidor…a much larger one than he had looked at on-line and at about half the price. But also with his fond memories of that hot day we had spent out in the Bayous of Louisiana. Humidor is 15″ wide x 10″ deep x 8″ high and has a 100 cigar capacity, features analog hygrometer, cedar dividers, SureSeal Technology, fully lined in Spanish cedar with removable cedar tray, brass handles and hidden hinges.


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