Deluxe Shotgun Case



Item # WB-403

We like a shotgun case that fits or favorite O/U’s and Side by Side’s perfectly so there is no movement within the case. The WB-403 Deluxe Shotgun Case is custom made for your fine gun, single barrell, O/U or Side by Side. Simply provide the exact measurements of your shotgun, both overall length and width of barrels if a Side by Side. We will add 3 inches to the overall length, providing you with a snug fit case that doesn’t allow your favorite shotgun to shift back and forth inside. Lined with a thick layer of premium padded fleece, equipped with a heavy duty full length zipper and double zipper pulls plus a wide, full length adjustable shoulder strap with leather pad that allows you to carry your weapon over the shoulder to free up your hands for other gear. Heavy duty rolled leather carry handles for conventional carry also provided.

Special Note: When ordering a gun case, please provide the measurements for the total length of your gun from the tip of the barrel to the end of the top of the butt stock. Also provide the diagonal measurement from the tip of the barrel to the bottom of the butt stock. Provide the deepest measurements from the top of the scope, (from and rear) to the bottom of the trigger guard (deepest dimension), and from the top of the scope to the bottom of the forend. These measurements are vitally important given the new larger scopes being used today. We will need the same dimensional measurements for non-scoped shotguns. Click for Measurement Diagram


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