Knife Roll



Item # WB-914

High quality, razor sharp cutlery is one of the hunter’s essential tools. So whether it’s a trip over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house for a Thanksgiving turkey dinner (because Grandma’s knives are always dull), or a rugged high mountain elk hunt, the Walden & Bork Knife Roll will organize and protect your good hunting and kitchen knives in a handy rollup carrier. Two sturdy luggage type hangers and chains allow you to hang the Knife Roll over a limb or a door for easy access to your knives when you’re working meat. Interior dimensions are 14” wide by 14.5” tall. Overall length is 19-1/4”, (size may be increased as per your wishes). Two leather binding straps with hook and loop secure the knife roll for transport. Knives will not rub on one another and can’t fall out or stick you!


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