Sportsman’s Lamp Coasters



Item # WB-SLC

Bring the hunters aesthetic to every room in the home. Our Sportsman’s Lamp Coaster can be made in a variety of shapes from rectangular to octagonal or design your own shape. Each coaster is hand cut and custom made to your specifications. Lamp coasters are backed in heavy black cowhide.


Designer Note: Lamp Coasters require leather backing, adding approximately $30 to each coaster order and up to $120 for 6-8 placements.

Order Instructions:

    1. Trace the lamp base on a white piece of paper
    2. Include quantity, game leather preference, size, shape, and additional margin 1 1/2” or 2” outside the lamp base
    3. Ship tracings and additional information along with game skins

Additional information


10", 15", 18"-20"


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