Every once in a while a customer will call and request something that we have never made before…like covering a custom made white cedar garbage can “holder” lid in the customer’s alligator…or a rug made from five or six animal backskins. Sometimes we have to inform the customer that we wouldn’t feel comfortable cutting into their skins to try to make a requested item. But most of the time when we tackle new things…off the wall things…that we are confident of good outcomes, the results have been spectacular.

About four months ago a gentleman from Texas inquired if it would be possible for us to make a copy of a very expensive bag, made under the name of a famous upscale fashion designer. He sent me a photo. I looked up the item on the internet. My, my, the designer is proud of his bag! He only wanted $24,000 for it. It was a small, men’s alligator travel valise measuring 20” long x 12” high x 10” wide.

That seemed simple enough. However our new “customer-to-be” didn’t have his own alligator hides so I sourced two large, black glazed alligator hides. That set the man back $2,899.00 right off the bat. Then we had to make the bag. When it came time to ship the bag to the customer I tallied up what we would have to have for the bag including skins, labor, shipping, etc. It came to $4,621.80! (Almost to the dollar as per the estimate that the customer had approved). A far cry from the original at $24,000! The original is made overseas. The craftsman must really be proud of his work too….or just maybe the US designer is sticking it to the public.

If you have a couple large alligator skins in the 9 foot range, we would be more than happy to make the “Oh Wow! $24,000 bag” for you for only $1,475 including shipping.

Before getting off subject, consider this Most times we can make this bag, or other super expensive designer inspired pieces for less than 10% of what the big names in the world of high fashion will sell them to you for! And made right here in the USA….not in China….not in Mexico….not in Italy or Viet Nam or any other distant land that is stealing money from American manufacturers, business owners and employees. We CAN DO IT in the USA! Proof positive.


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