XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase



Item # WB-628

When you’re traveling and carrying your “life” around with you (in the form of your laptop computer), there are two things you need… protection & security for your computer and plenty of storage room inside for files, cell phones, phone chargers, computer cords, pens, travel documents, notebooks and other gear. The WB-628 XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase
provides more than ample interior room, thoughtful organizational design. Plus a secure ,fully armored outside pocket for your laptop…easily accessed without opening the briefcase…making airport TSA checkpoints a breeze.

Given the airline’s narrowing up of the aisles in coach class, dragging a roller board briefcase down the aisle is no longer the “politically correct” travel option. The XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase was designed partly out of that frustration…AND never having enough room all of the “stuff” we sometimes need to carry with us.


XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase:

• 18” wide x 12” high x 6” thick, compressed mode
• 18” wide x 12” high x 8” thick, expanded mode
• Outside laptop pocket: 17” wide x 10-1/2” high x 2” thick…heavily armored front, back, top, bottom & sides with 1/2” high density foam padding
• Two expandable outside gusseted pockets, 8” wide x 7-1/2” high x 3” thick for fast access to often used items like cell phones.
• Inside: two organizational panels for pens, business cards, meds, phones, calculators, plus one concealed 18” x 12” zippered pouch plus a slip-in file folder pouch, in addition to the cavernous 18” x 12” x 5” central compartment.
• Zippered expandable interior provides an additional 2” of interior when more space is required
• Wide comfort-carry shoulder strap, fully adjustable
• Heavy duty zippers and extra wide velcro fasteners on exterior pockets for maximum security.
• The XL Expandable Armored Laptop Briefcase can even accommodate a change of clothes for those quick overnight out of town trips. One bag convenience in a legal carryon size that easily stows in the overhead compartment.

Can be made in a variety of game skin leather from Elephant to Cape Buffalo to Wildebeest


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