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Many stories have been told and observations made around the campfire. It was at the campfire in Africa years ago when Walden & Bork was first conceived. It then took five years to search out the necessary fine needle craftsman and women in the United States who could be trusted to work exotic game skin leather to perfection; to turn out dignified accessories that reflect the respect all hunters have for the animals we have hunted.

We owe our appreciation of game skin leather to our grandfathers who, 100 years ago, made farm repairs, chaps, vests and harness from game skins and cowhide for rough use and work on the farm. Now, more than 100 years after, our resourceful grandfathers employed natural leathers for needed items, Walden & Bork offers hunters the opportunity to preserve the tradition of the hunt by using game skins accumulated over a life of hunting to make useful, handcrafted personal items.

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