Creative Use of Backskins


We received a call from a nice lady from Pennsylvania a couple months ago asking if we could make she and her husband a rug utilizing five of their African backskins. We asked her to lay them out on the floor, take a digital photo of what she had in mind. She wanted five backskins combined, “and no frilly ruffles or any of that stuff they put on bear rugs…we don’t like that!” (We couldn’t agree more!). The Sable (the middle skin…the black and white one), was a bit wider than the other skins so we did some creative trimming to satisfy her wishes…to maintain the “roughy” natural edges. We also did a little judicious tail trimming here and there. Note the tail at the far end remains. We would point that at the door to show guests the way out! No cheesy ruffles…just the skins, neatly sewn together by hand by a skilled seamstress, then backed with taxidermy felt to provide a bit of rigidity to extend the life of the skins.

Her response when she received her rug?

“We had been away. The rug was on our porch upon our return. We love it! It’s exactly as we had hoped! You made it just as I wanted it! Thank you so much!”

— Trisha

Give us a call or send us an email if you would like a similar hunt remembrance piece. Cost of this one of a kind: roughly $700 to $900 depending upon number of hides.


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