Honor the Hunted

Walden & Bork Custom Leather Works will make works of art from your gameskin leather… unique, useful, practical items that will provide you, your family and friends keepsakes and remembrances of your hunt.

Custom Crafted Leather Products Made From Your Game Skins

By Walden & Bork

Use All of the Trophy!

As hunters we have all accumulated piles and bags of tanned gameskins… ostrich, elephant, cape buffalo, alligator, tsessebe, kudu, deer skin, moose, elk. Why not put them to good use and honor the animals you have hunted at the same time?

Walden & Bork will fashion your game skins into accessory items that you can use in every day life… from gun cases to wallets, elegant purses to photo albums, rifle slings to notebooks or credit card wallets to checkbook covers, carry-on bags.

Walden & Bork entered into the business of providing its unique service exclusively to hunting men and women around the world for a reason… we are hunters too. Several years ago, while sitting at the campfire in Africa, (after a big day afield), I began making notes and forming the business model for a new company that would transform valuable gameskin leather into tasteful leather products exclusively for hunters and that

“I would buy no leather, nor would I sell any commercial product.

This was to be a custom service business that served the hunting community. I would offer a number of products, most of my own design, encourage hunters to send their gameskins to me and my craftsmen and I would convert the hunter’s leather into custom crafted leather goods. It took more than five years to seek out and find skilled fine-needle craftsmen and women in the United States that could be trusted work exotic gameskin leather to perfection and to turn out dignified accessories that reflect the respect all hunters have for the animals we have hunted. Today the number of Walden & Bork’s product offerings and designs have multiplied ten times over… the idea for many new products provided by our customers. If you don’t see what you are looking for in the Products section, contact me by email or phone to discuss your wishes.  Send a digital photo and dimensions of whatever it is that you would like to have made from your gameskin. I will take a look, talk to one of my craftsmen and get back to you with an honest answer and a price estimate.

Walden & Bork
Custom Made Products
From Your Game Hides…
Honor The Hunted!

Walden & Bork is dedicated to giving you what you want. Our skilled fine-needle craftsmen will transform your game skins into tasteful, useful items that you will be proud to use every day.

All Products Proudly Made In The USA!