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Item # WB-918

If you have deerskin, elk or moose hides that you would like to turn into something really useful, send us your hides and allow us to make you several pairs of our custom Super Shooter’s Gloves. As hunters ourselves we know the value of a great pair of perfectly fitting gloves. We like them thin and skintight. Thin enough and tight enough that we can pick up a dime. Our Super Shooter’s Gloves were designed with a longer wrist tube to allow you to tuck them under the cuffs of your coat or shooting shirt to protect your wrists from thorns and other “stickies.” The back side of the glove is perforated to dissipate heat. And because the glove is made inside out, all working area seams are on the inside of the glove for longer wear and fumble free performance in the field. We like a soft 1.5 to 2 oz. leather for shooting gloves. Thin leather forms to your hand providing a much more positive feel for shotgun and rifle safeties and triggers. Super Shooter’s Gloves are also ideal for archery hunters because you can “feel’ everything you are touching. Four (4) pairs.

How To Get Your Own Perfect Fit Super Shooter Gloves:
1. Have your tanning company tan your gameskins split down to a 1.5 to 2 oz. per sq. foot leather weight.
2. Carefully trace both hands with a sharp pencil on white paper.
3. Send your tracings with your order form stating how many pairs you would like to order*

Price: $98.00 per pair (minimum order 4 pairs the same for $392.00)
* A small to medium size deer will normally yield only 2-3 pairs of gloves, depending upon damage of course.


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