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Belts are one of those necessary clothing accessories that we all have to have. Either as a dressing accent or for the intended purpose of securing ones trousers. Walden & Bork offers both lady’s and men’s belts, in hair-on accent styles or dressy styles. The choice is yours. All are lined with sturdy harness leather to prevent stretching.

Price: Women’s Narrow Belt, (3/4”), $324.00
Women’s or Men’s, (1-1/4” or 1-3/8″), $324.00


NOTES: Belts are made to accept the customer’s favorite buckles. Simple fold-over attachment is either by snaps or screw down fasteners.• When measuring for a belt, add two inches to your waist, pants or slacks size, For instance, if you are a men’s size 36, you would order a 38” belt. You may also have your belt made longer at no extra charge. (If your “middle” tends to fluctuate upwards during the offseason as does that of this middle-aged hunter, a bit longer could be a good idea. Once a belt is made it’s impossible to add length to it. Just a thought.)


• Belt width is determined by the inside dimensions of the buckle you plan to use with the belt. Please carefully measure this dimension and make note of it on the order form.

How to measure for a belt:

(See graphic below)

Measure from the foldover (buckle attaching point) to the hole that you use to fasten your belt in and provide us with that measurement. It makes no difference how many holes you have in your present belt. We need the measurement from the foldover at the buckle end to the hole that you use. We will add several inches to the belt measurement you provide us with to give you a range of adjustment.


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Women's Narrow 3/4", Unisex 1-1/4", Unisex 1-3/8"


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